Zero Waste Edinburgh Proposal Leaflet


After designing the logos for the Zero Waste Edinburgh circular project, I had the responsibility of creating a leaflet highlighting the environmental issues that Edinburgh currently faces and with the key notion of what this endeavour tires to achieve.

I approached this task following two self-made guidelines:

  1. It needed to explain the issues and the project in an easy way.
  2. It must have been produced and printed in the most sustainable method possible.

We decided to employ a technique called “riso printing” which is a printing technique that uses soy-based inks, rather than toner and use rollers machines that can produce a large number of copies with a vastly reduced impact.

That’s why I opted to use simple lines and simple icons to reduce ink usage and to get the best quality results (riso printing can get tricky and quite time consuming for work with heavy coverage, which needs to be dried after each colour pass).




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