Ryan’s Supervalu Social Media Content Research


During my master in Food Marketing at UCC, my class had the marvellous chance to collaborate on different “real life” project with the Musgrave group, Ireland biggest retail company.

The first one of these projects was a qualitative research focused on local supermarkets, about investigating customer’s preferences on social media content and sentiment, to create the basis of their future social media strategy.

My team was commissioned with the task of analysing the customer base of “Ryan’s Supervalue”, in Togher, just outside Cork city centre.

We conducted various one-to-one interviews, trying to elicit some significant trends and information both on customers traits and on their interests, that could help to make informed decisions on the kind of contents that could better engage Ryan’s Supervalu audience.

It has been a stimulating but often challenging task, due mainly to the lack of time shoppers were able to dedicate to answer our questions and the overall older age of the customer base.

Nonetheless, we were able to present compelling and strong findings:

  • In Togher, there is a strong sense of Community. And Customers wanted to this to be reflected on Ryan’s Supervalue social media profiles. Especially highlighting the commitment that the supermarket was already putting in community projects.
  • Customers were still interested in getting informed about deals and sales, not only by traditional means (flyers and in-store signage) but also through social media.
  • Shoppers were particularly engaged on social media tips and recipes, especially focused on organic products and healthy lifestyle.
  • ¬†More and more of the “older” population, thanks to what is called social media normalisation, have virtual profiles and use them regularly (especially Facebook) to stay in touch between with their larger family and friends. And they wanted to learn how to better use these instruments, which prompted the chance of organising social media workshops.

You can check Ryan’s Supervalue profiles to see how these findings have been actually implemented in their social media strategy.

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