Opportunities in Sports Nutrition Products for the Musgrave Group


This project has been one of the most fulfilling and rewarding and gave me the possibility to apply and expand my marketing and research skills based on real data and in a highly professional business environment. The task was:

To examine the opportunities within Sports Nutrition Products, particularly protein bars, for the SuperValu and Centra own-brand ranges

My team had the great chance to present our “Own Brand SNP’s Proposal for the Musgrave Group“, directly to Margaret O’Donoghue (Loyalty Brand Manager) and Maureen Clohessy (Head of SuperValu own brand) at their Headquarters in Cork.

The Musgrave Group is Ireland’s largest grocery distributor, with operations in Ireland and Spain, founded in Cork  1876.

These are the steps and the different parts of work that I and my team carried out:

  1. We collected relevant data from a number of different sources and analyse them to the light of global and local trends regarding the consumption of protein-fortified products.
  2. Asses the global and national situation including:
    • Market composition and potential expansion;
    • Competitors and SWOT analysis;
    • A thoughtful customer analysis considering the current lifestyles and behaviours and creating a customer segmentation based on those findings.
  3. An NDP plan for the introduction of a new own range of  SNP products, inclusive of:
    • A strong value proposition;
    • Branding elements;
    • A detailed Pricing and merchandising strategy;
    • Customer, Community, and Social Media engagement strategies
  4. We also realize the importance of convenience in modern consumers’ shopping patterns and we proposed the introduction of the new range inside the Musgrave’s health and wellness range of their own convenience stores: the Centra “Live Well” program.

These efforts culminated in the presentation that you can check below, which was greatly received and evaluated.

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