Media Relation and Food Blogger


For my final dissertation for my BSc in Communication and Management, at the University of Teramo, I Investigated the involvement of Food Bloggers in the marketing and business communication strategies.

To do so in more detail, I analysed, in particular, the communication strategy of the Italian pasta Brand Voiello, that in the years between 2009 and 2013, implemented a multichannel effort to include in their promotional campaign a number of food bloggers, increasing awareness and reputation toward the brand.

In the first part, I focused on blogging as a communication tool, how it evolved since its inception and the benefits of its integration in the business communication strategy. Especially thanks to the low-cost reputational and engaging potential of including external blogger in the company communications and the ability of corporate blogging to fully control the message conveyed and its crucial role in supporting the (much more volatile) social media strategies.

I then concentrated more on the specificity of the “Food Blogging” phenomena and its characteristics, such its connotation as a “serious leisure” and the social and cultural implications. I draw examples from the most notorious Italian food bloggers, along with a large amount of quantitative data on the dimensions and nature of this particular kind of blogging.

Finally, I thoroughly analysed the Voiello communication strategy involving food bloggers. Voiello skilfully engaged with selected food blogger (influencers) and implemented push strategies to stimulate the unsolicited production and the sharing of content, supporting the overall marketing strategy. Furthermore the creation of ad hoc events, such as exclusive dinner and cooking workshops, which allow bloggers to meet and interact, leveraging (and increasing) their sense of community, and also to pull on their specific concerns as bloggers giving them visibility an adding more value to their “serious leisure” activities.

This research has been my first foray into the exciting world of food marketing.

My fascination with food, as a mean of communication and culture,  never diminished since then. In fact, it only grew stronger and evolved in my pursuit of expertise in food sustainability and consumer behaviour

I can access the whole document (in Italian) if interested, here:

Dalle Media Relation Tradizionali ai Blog, la Strategia Comunicativa di Voiello



Header video by Francesca Moscheni for Voiello

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