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  • Etnographic Research on Food Bloggers

    My team and I carried out an ethnographic analysis of the “Food Bloggers’ Tribe”, for the course in “Consumer Behaviour and Relationship Marketing” taught by the late Prof. Brendan Richardson. Our Analysis aimed to investigate the current situation of the food blogging phenomena focusing on: The tribal linking values. Its configuration as a “serious leisure”. […]

  • Real Foods Halloween Promo

    A small video for Halloween, made on behalf of Real Foods (Edinburgh based organic retailer), to promote, on social media, their 2019 pumping carving contest. ? Conceived and made in very short amount of time and resources and a whole lot of pumpkins! No food was wasted during the making of this video! The flesh […]

  • Food Sharing Hub Promo Video

    The Food Sharing hub is going to be first Scotland’s food excess supermarket. It functions as: A centralised ‘excess food supermarket’, running on ‘Pay As You Feel’ donations. A storage and distribution depot from which to deliver to our partner charities. A space to educate and inspire the people of Edinburgh about food waste issues! […]