Portfolio categories: Circular Economy

  • Aquoponic Proposal for Puglia

    After graduating from my master in Food Marketing at UCC, I came back to my native region and start to think about to innovate the local agricultural landscape and relieve my land from the environmental issue that it faces. The result is this Proposal for an Integrated Aquaponic and  Insect Rearing System

  • Seed & Chips 17

    After my Master graduation, as a present for my self, I bought a ticket to the Seed & Chips 2017. Seeds & Chips is an international summit dedicated to food innovation which is held in Milan. I travelled for around 20h and ~3700 km in three days to attend to the Seeds & Chips 2017, the […]

  • Shrub Visual Identity Refreshement

    At the end of 2018, SHRUB Cooperative, alongside with their expansion, by the opening of their second venue in Edinburgh (Zero Waste Hub, on Bread St.) and the (re)launch of their various projects, decided to go through a “Brand Refreshment”, of which I coordinated and the chance of giving my substantial contribution and . The […]

  • Food Sharing Hub Promo Video

    The Food Sharing hub is going to be first Scotland’s food excess supermarket. It functions as: A centralised ‘excess food supermarket’, running on ‘Pay As You Feel’ donations. A storage and distribution depot from which to deliver to our partner charities. A space to educate and inspire the people of Edinburgh about food waste issues! […]