Portfolio categories: Branding

  • Shrub Visual Identity Refreshement

    At the end of 2018, SHRUB Cooperative, alongside with their expansion, by the opening of their second venue in Edinburgh (Zero Waste Hub, on Bread St.) and the (re)launch of their various projects, decided to go through a “Brand Refreshment”, of which I coordinated and the chance of giving my substantial contribution and . The […]

  • Zero Waste Edinburgh Proposal Leaflet

    After designing the logos for the Zero Waste Edinburgh circular project, I had the responsibility of creating a leaflet highlighting the environmental issues that Edinburgh currently faces and with the key notion of what this endeavour tires to achieve. I approached this task following two self-made guidelines: It needed to explain the issues and the […]

  • Zero Waste Edinburgh Branding

    Zero Waste Towns are really important pilot projects that allow us to test out lots of different approaches that we will need in order to make the transition to a fully zero waste society. During the initial stages of the Zero Waste Edinburgh project, I have been tasked with designing its branding and visual identity. […]