Shrub Visual Identity Refreshement


At the end of 2018, SHRUB Cooperative, alongside with their expansion, by the opening of their second venue in Edinburgh (Zero Waste Hub, on Bread St.) and the (re)launch of their various projects, decided to go through a “Brand Refreshment”, of which I coordinated and the chance of giving my substantial contribution and .

The Old Logo

the old logo had become widely recognised and used extensively across the various projects and events that SHRUB organises, and despite being greatly in-line with the message and the visuals of SHRUB, it presented various issues: due to its complexity it was difficult to place it consistently in the tremendous number of promotional material (both printed and online) that SHRUB produces.

Another issue was the inconsistent use of different variants of the main logo but especially of the single-project logos, across different promotional material and campaigns

The Process

The process I proposed was to tackle the issue by starting from the main logo that effectively functions as an umbrella for the other derived projects, and works from there to give SHRUB a new visual identity, which would be still recognisable and still aligned with the cooperative’s mission.

Being SHRUB a cooperative that works per consensus, therefore this process has been a communal one.

First I collected, during a brainstorming session, the keyword that member associate with SHRUB, creating a mindmap of the “brand sentiment” which had being used as the base of the subsequent development of the logos.

for the actual logos’ design I also considered a few other guidelines:

  • They needed to be an evolution of the old visual and not a complete change-over.
  • They needed to highlight the effort that SHRUB put in the development and promotion of Circular Economy and reuse.
  • They needed to be as sustainable as possible: printed with minimal ink usage and easy to used in risoprinting; effective when used in their mono-colour and white-space versions.

Then begin the actual process of design and revision vetted by the SHRUB community. For the main logo:

Shrub Logo Drafts and Alternate Versions

And for the single project versions:


The New Logos

The final version was ultimately decided upon and here are the results of this “Refreshment”:


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