Seed & Chips 17


After my Master graduation, as a present for my self, I bought a ticket to the Seed & Chips 2017.

Seeds & Chips is an international summit dedicated to food innovation which is held in Milan.

I travelled for around 20h and ~3700 km in three days to attend to the Seeds & Chips 2017, the place to be for those who have an interest in Food Technology, Food Innovation and Sustainability.

Reimagine Food CEO
Reimagine Food CEO, Marius Robles, Talking about Eatconomics.

When I booked my ticket, it was quite a shot in the dark as I did not really know what to expect from this global food innovation summit. And I must admit I was quite surprised, in different ways. First of all by the sheer size of the fair. The Seeds & Chips 2017 summit is placed inside Tuttofood, one of the biggest food industry B2B show and take a look at the pic below to have an idea of the magnitude I am talking about: those are “just” the booths in pavilion 10, dedicated to the oil sector; the show comprises of 12 different sections in total, from meat to drinks, not counting the Seeds & Chips itself.

Tuttofood Pavilion 10
Tuttofood’s pavilion 10, dedicated to the business in the olive oil sector (mostly).

I got lost. A lot. Before I could actually get to my first conference I lost an hour just wandering around and asking for direction. You can check my reaction here. The other thing that struck me was the people there. I am so impressed with the persons I met and talked with: young, passionate, and talented startuppers or entrepreneurs that are making an actual change with their amazing and innovative ideas. I honestly felt quite bad comparing myself to them.

Ares Ferrigni Wallfarm
Honourable mention to Ares Ferrigni, CEO of Wallfarm, a very successful vertical farming solution, and my former classmate from my bachelor!

I have identified three different topics that arose from the Seed & Chips floor:

  • Vertical Farming: this was the “Next big thing”, to which it was dedicated a substantial portion of the floor. From big implants to home and portable solutions, but all very pretty!
  • Spirulina and crickets: products made from algae and insects are on the rise as the new food trends of the immediate future.
  • AI Cyberfood: New technologies, like machine learning and 3D printing, are more and more applied to the food sector, in unusual and unprecedented ways.

And all of these subjects are grounded in the paradigms of the Circular Economy.

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