Food Sharing Hub Promo Video

The Food Sharing hub is going to be first Scotland’s food excess supermarket. It functions as:

  • A centralised ‘excess food supermarket’, running on ‘Pay As You Feel’ donations.
  • A storage and distribution depot from which to deliver to our partner charities.
  • A space to educate and inspire the people of Edinburgh about food waste issues!
This project has been a really fun one!

As a Communication volunteer for SHRUB and the Zero Waste Edinburgh project, I have been involved in all the steps (except the editing) of this promotional video, which introduces the Food Sharing Hub, first Scotland’s food excess supermarket.

I personally think that it does an excellent job at describing the food issues the FSH tries to tackle and how it will go about them!

Remember: no food was waste during the making of this video!

The Food Sharing Hub is currently located inside The Zero Waste Hub (22 Bread St, Edinburgh EH3 9AF). Come visit it!